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  5. "La comida es para el sábado."

"La comida es para el sábado."

Translation:The food is for Saturday.

January 4, 2013



As one of two definitions for "sabado," I choose to write "Sabbath," but this was marked as incorrect. Is that based on whether "sabado" is capitalized?


No, days of the week are not capitalized in Spanish. Actually, Sabbath should also be accepted here, as people who keep the Sabbath on Saturday call it "sábado" which really means, Sabbath.


If what you say is correct, then Shutterbug would be wrong since they don't have an accent above the first a.


From Wordreference.com Sabbath n (Saturday, Jews and some Christians) general sábado nm

It must have the accent to be spelled correctly.


I translated literally "The food is for the sarurday" and was incorrect. Besides being awkward is there any reason not to translate "el" ? For example, when i use para should I always use el with it?


I'm guessing Duolingo fixed this because I wrote the same and it was accepted.


In Spanish, the days of the week take the definate article. But not neccesarily translated into English.


la comida is usually used for lunch, or late lunch, the dinner is la cena


In Mexico & Spain La comida = lunch. In Lat America La comida = dinner


The food is for Saturday


Is anyone still confused on when to use para and por?


I get confused and I am just learning like you. There is a ton of material on the "Net" to explain it, and it still is not easy. BTW the days of the week and the months always take the article, but you don't translate it.


The differences between por and para takes a very long time to perfect. Learn some typical patterns and add to them little by little. In most cases, even if you make mistakes, you will be understood. Work to perfect your usage, but don't let it drive you crazy.


who say that the food is for staurday.i mostly hear don't eat


What would be the correct translation for "The food is for this Saturday." I was marked incorrect for this. Since you are referring to a definite Saturday, could this also be right?

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