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"Metto un cucchiaio di zucchero nella limonata."

Translation:I put a spoon of sugar in the lemonade.

November 7, 2013



The slow version of the sentence definitely says una!


it certainly does I listen three times as I was sure I must be hearing it wrongly as I thought I knew cucchiaio was masculine and yet she was saying una.


Wouldn't the translation be a "spoonful of sugar?"


The speaker DEFINITELY says UNA. I listened several times and that's what she says. But she is WRONG. It helps to know that the article must agree withe noun, so if you know the word is masculine, but you hear "una", then it's safe to assume that the word is wrong (or pronounced incorrectly). There are exceptions, such as "la mano" (the hand), but they are few.


sadly I cannot ascertain myself because I'm not into the Italian tree. Plus, I'm neither a moderator nor the responsible for this page :-)

did you try with the support button you can find on the left side of the window?



Yes, I was able to contact them once. But now no longer. I think they've shut me out, lol.

[deactivated user]

    Can it be translated as "spoon for sugar"?


    a "spoon for sugar" would be a "cucchiaino da zucchero". The n in cucchiaino isn't a typo, it's a diminutive. It' necessary because cucchiaio is a tablespoon, whereas cucchiaino (small spoon) can address to a teaspoon (cucchiaino da tè), a coffee spoon (cucchiaino da caffè), an icecream spoon (cucchiaino da gelato) or the aforementioned spoon for sugar. I hope I didn't forget any.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks Carlo.


      Why is it "di???"


      "Di" means "of"...."a spoon of sugar" ...."un cucchiaio di zucchero"...


      I understand that "I put" is more correct than "I place" in this sentence. However, based on my understanding -- both translations are correct.


      Why isn't it "cucchiaio dello zucchero" and not "cucchiaio di zucchero"?


      because "cucchiaio dello zucchero" makes me think of a particular spoon made expressly to carry only sugar and nothing else, "cucchiaio di zucchero" means sugar enough to fill a spoon


      I think a TEAspoon of sugar should be accepted

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