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"Vulkanen är ett hot mot staden."

Translation:The volcano is a threat to the city.

September 30, 2015



Almost translated hot directly here because of "the volcano" :)


Yes, now I will always remember!


Is "mot" the typical preposition in this case? Would "för" work just as well?


It would not mean the same. "mot" means there is a risk the city will be destroyed. "för" makes it sound like the volcano makes the people in the city feel threatend, but not nessecarily for destruction of the city. Since the latter is a less likely scenario, it is not common to use "för", I think it is like "to" in English.


I know someone who lives near an active volcano. Sometimes it is rumbling and he puts out smoke, don´t know at the moment if more stuff, too.


maybe menace should also work


I think that would more of imply that the volcano is a constant threat, as in it erupting often.


How come danger isnt accepted, to me at least threat and danger are synonyms


A threat is the indication of danger, not danger itself.

It's like how a threat of violence isn't dangerous, but violence definitely is.


Hot mot makes me think of a semi recent expression in the U.S., "hot mess". It is generally used to describe things ranging from a very bad hair day to the current presidential administration. Even the latter is a bit short of something like Vesuvius having a major eruption again. (I resisted any bad puns about hot. Varsågod. ;-)


is it wrong to say "the volcano is a threat towards the city"


We do accept that as well. It's not nearly as common, though.


May here is a problem. In the dictation mode, Duo says the sentence in Swedish, and even i write it in Swedish, Duo says that the answer is wrong, It says that I'm writing in English.


In the dictation mode, Duo says the sentence in Swedish, and even I write it in Swedish, Duo says it is wrong because it thinks that I'm writing in English.

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