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  5. "Et område i nord"

"Et område i nord"

Translation:An area in the north

September 30, 2015



I would consider " an area up North" correct though, or is there some nuance that I'm missing?


Added. It's marked as informal in the dictionary, but no doubt:

Headword north. Phrases: up north. Informal , To or in the north of a country: he’s taken a teaching job up north


Why is just 'nord' considered as 'the north'. I wrote down 'An area in north', but shouldn't it be like 'norden' or something then?


Norden is the official name for the Nordic countries, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Åland and Faroe Islands. Capital N in Norden. Norge, Sverige, Finland, Island, Danmark, Åland og Færøyene.

Magnetic directions are nouns but sort of uncountable. It has but one form, nord. I nord = In the North. Mot nord = To the North. Fra nord = From the North.


Thank you both, I'm not a native English person so I didn't know it was incorrect.


"An area in north" is not natural, or possibly not grammatical, on its own.

"An area in North London" = fine.

"An area in north" = unnatural.


"An area in north London": north = adjective.

"An area in the north": north = noun.

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