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  5. "Svømmebassenget er tomt."

"Svømmebassenget er tomt."

Translation:The swimming pool is empty.

September 30, 2015



The swimmingpool is empty. Is that empty of water, or with nobody in the water? Or is it as ambiguous in Norwegian as in English?


From the examples I found, it usually means that it's empty of water (which also means it's empty of people). You could say "Det er ingen i bassenget" if there were nobody in the water or "Bassenget er tomt for vann" if you wanted to be explicit about the lack of water.


We learned "bassenget" in an earlier lesson. Is the word interchangeable with svømmebassenget?


You can use "bassenget" to mean "svømmebassenget", yes.

It is, however, a less specific word which can mean other things in other settings, much like "pool" in English.


how can one say (to provoke)in norwegian? as an example( he provokes me everyday). i really need this this word and i thought that the best way to know this verb is asking you guys ,thanks.


å provosere, han provoserer meg hver dag.

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