"Where is our family?"

Translation:Ailemiz nerede?

September 30, 2015

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Why is "nerededir" used as a correct translation of this sentence? How can the location of our family be an encyclopedic fact?


-dir is a bit more broad than that, but that is the end of what I can explain about -dir. I have on my (literal) list of things to figure out -- if -dir is used for fact or guess/supposition, how can it be used in an open-ended ("wh-") question at all?

Perhaps it is appropriate where the question is asking for a fact or for a guess?

All of that said -- this question accepts "nerede" as well.


Isn't "nerede" static and "nereye" motional? Then a family should be motional I think?


yes "nerede" is static and "nereye" is motional. So it doesn't depend on the subject (family) but rather on the verb. "to be" is static. You could ask "Ailemiz nereye gidiyor?" (where is our family going) then it is motional


You can maybe think of "nerede" as "where" and "nereye" as "where to".

You can ask "where is he going to?" but not "where is our family to?". Because "to be" can't express motion in a direction.


This must be changed. I checked it more than three times but "Where is our family" is exactly meaning "ailemiz nerededir" and "ailemiz nerede" both are same indeed.


there is nothing wrong here, read the questions. If you have a multiple choice question, you have to choose all correct answers


A-ha , makes sense. Tnx

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