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  5. "Henüz bir ev almıyoruz."

"Henüz bir ev almıyoruz."

Translation:We are not buying a house yet.

October 1, 2015


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Can I replace "house" with "home"? Since "ev" is used in both occasions?

May 14, 2016


My answer was marked wrong for this exact replacement. It's frustrating because in English we do make a distinction between buying a house and buying a home—the second one means you have to live in it, usually with at least one other person. And the Turkish sentence seemed to imply that connotation (first person plural could refer to a couple or a small family, and they seem to be saying they're not ready for that investment)


Why is "Henüz" first here?


this is the typical place for it in Turkish


If "Henüz" exists in a sentence it should always be first?


in general yes; if you include the subject pronoun (biz here), it should rather go after it, but it might be before it too (biz henüz bir ev almıyoruz)


we still are not having a home why is that wrong ? shouldn't be included??


Why not, "We are still not buying a house"?

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