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"Ця галерея не у Києві, а у Одесі."

Translation:This gallery is not in Kyiv, but in Odesa.

October 1, 2015



These sentences would make a lot more sense in English with "that" rather than "this." After all, the gallery is not even something the speaker can see.


No, if you're pointing at a photo of the gallery in a booklet and saying this sentence you can say "this". It all depends on the context.

"That gallery" would be "та галерея"


I suppose that is possible, in the context of a pictorial representation of some sort or maybe a written reference. My question, though, is really whether Ukrainians simply avoid "that" and use "this" almost exclusively, as the sentences here do? Does this represent a peculiarity of the way Ukrainians speak or does the Duolingo Ukrainian group just want to use це more for pedagogical purposes--to get the students used to seeing the letter ц or something?


No, we use both, really. Ця галерея, та галерея. Depends on the context in exactly the same way as in English. I, for example, would say "ця галерея/this gallery" when speaking Ukr/Eng meaning this one that I'm talking about now or showing on a booklet or on the Internet; and "та галерея/that gallery" when talking about a gallery I've mentioned before or located far away or contrasting with some other gallery that I called "this gallery"... Really the same :)


This sentence is really awkward in English.


Why are "Kiev" and "Odessa" wrong? Such familiar names for the international!


What do you mean wrong? Are you talking about the spelling? Because if so, you're using the Russian transliteration. In Ukrainian they're spelled Kyiv and Odesa respectively.


And since we are learning Ukrainian, it is good to learn a little culture as well; especially when there is so much hurt that has come from Russia.

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