"Du har brød."

Translation:You have bread.

October 1, 2015



pronunciation of 'brød' -- how should the end be pronounced?


It's a hard one to master right off the bat, but the end is like, "euh," like you just saw something mildly repulsive.


Thanks, that's quite helpful!


You have a bread.

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    Please refer to @Regney's comment on this page.


    You have a bread is incorrect? Why?


    Bread is a collective noun and doesn't take an indefinite article. You can have a slice/a piece/a loaf of bread or a type of bread, but not a bread.


    I noticed that brød doesn't have gender, why is that?


    Not sure, but I think it's neuter? Rather than masc. or fem.


    The article isn't used as we're talking about bread in general, rather than a single bread.

    Texadon is correct though, the grammatical gender of "brød" is neuter.


    D is silent right?

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      True. Correct IPA pronunciation is /brøː/.

      Follow this link to learn more about IPA and hear the sounds these symbols make.


      How did you guess? I thought it was hidden flawlessly under my trench coat! Curses! You have foiled my evil plan to steal all the bread in Norway yet again...


      I'm fairly new to Norwegian, and I need help on knowing when the translation is "you have bread" vs "do you have bread". I'm a little confused!!

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        Du har brød translates to "You have bread". When you want to ask a question, you say Har du brød (Do you have bread?).

        The verb and the pronoun only have to switch places to form a question because Norwegian doesn't have auxiliary verbs (like "to do" in English).


        What is the line in the o/how does it change the sound?

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          It's not a line in the o, it's the 28th letter of the Norwegian alphabet.

          Click here and then on the symbol itself to hear what it sounds like. Follow this link for more information about it.


          Para los hablantes del español, la letra "ø" se pronuncia como cuando colocamos la boca para pronunciar la vocal "O" pero sacamos el sonido de la vocal "U".


          The first time I went through these lessons, there were images for the words. It was so much easier to learn. When there is no image, the word is abstract.


          I put the right amswer


          I think that "You have a bread" is also correct

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