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  5. "De kat kijkt naar de vis."

"De kat kijkt naar de vis."

Translation:The cat looks at the fish.

October 1, 2015



De vis heeft problemen!


...maar als de vis is een haai...


Vissen zijn vrienden...


What's the difference between bekijkt and kijkt naar?


How does this correspond to 'peer at', 'peep at', 'eye' and 'keek at?'


So.. the elephant "bekijkt" the mouse, but the cat "kijkt naar" the fish. What's the difference, and are the interchangeable?


"The cat looks to the fish" should be right surely? I have reported it, but I would just like some confirmation


No, the expression "kijkt naar..." means "looks at" or "watches". In English we have an expression "to look to someone for help" which doesn't mean physically looking at someone nor towards them, but rather to go to that person and ask for help or to rely on them for help. "The cat looks to the fish." would leave me wondering "for what?" What is the fish going to do for the cat, other than be a meal?


Is kijkt naar one of those idioms that need to be remembered just like wacht op wherein the word-yo-word translation to English fails, so you know, you have to eventually remember it...because kijkt naar is again looks to apparently...


Yes, you have to take the two words as a whole idiom: http://dictionary.reverso.net/dutch-english/kijkt%20naar

There are other possibilities when you go from English to Dutch: http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-dutch/looks%20at

Here I see more than one possibility for "looks to" http://context.reverso.net/translation/english-dutch/looks+to


I found it interesting that the dictionary entry for the verb "kijken" (http://www.mijnwoordenboek.nl/vertaal/NL/EN/kijken) is the following:

"kijken naar (iets)" - watch, look over, look at

With the following example:

'ieder weekend huizen kijken als je een huis wilt kopen' (go looking at houses every weekend, if you want to buy one)

So is it possible for "kijken" alone to mean 'to look at' in the same way as "kijken naar"?


Thanks a hell lot!


That's why I thought, as if "the cat turns it head, and looks towards the fish" would be a longer version of "the cat looks to the fish"

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