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  5. "Hvem er kvinnene?"

"Hvem er kvinnene?"

Translation:Who are the women?

October 1, 2015



Hello, I have also noticed the problem when I'm listening to the sound, I feel the sound like kvinner. Could you give me further tips about the difference of " kvinner" og " kvinnene" and similar situation. It sounds the same for me in this case.

Thanks in advance!


"Kvinner" is Women and "Kvinnene" is The women.

"Kvinne" is Woman and "en/ei kvinne" is A woman.

"Kvinnen" is The woman.


I don't know if hear it correctly but it seems to me like there's no difference in pronunciation between "woman" and "the women"? Is it right?


"kvinne" vs "kvin'ne". It might take so time to teach yourself to hear this difference.


I guess so. Thank you for a really fast answer!


To me, the difference seems to be the "nn" draws out longer in "kvinnene" vs "kvinne", as if it was "kvinn'ne". I try to focus on that syllable to ascertain whether it's plural or not.


Fix the implementation, I've heard "Kvinnene" spoken "Kvin-nen-e", hearing the extra syllable is what gives it away. The word she is saying is "Kvinner" which is clearly not right. I've noticed this in many sentences on this section now. stop being lazy and sort this out please.

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