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Finished the Ukrainian Tree!

So I completed the tree a couple weeks ago, but I am already wondering if there is someone who would like to strike up a conversation online or start a group to encourage more fluency. Any takers?

I really enjoyed learning it. And since I enjoyed it so much, hopefully there are some others who feel the same.

Thanks in advance!

October 1, 2015



Omg that's so cool. How much time did it take? Althought having a Slavic native language, I found it extremely hard to do Ukrainian. I've been having real problems with figuring out if it is и or I. So many hard and long words as well...


I could see how things would get tricky since you guys only have one letter "I" :) But keep trying, you should understand a lot just by listening to Ukrainian. I I would find movies or radio that interests you in Ukrainian and listen to it as much as you can. That's how I did most of my learning of Serbian Croatian and Bosnian. Now I just need to learn to speak it


You're well-informed and such a cool guy. It's a coincidence that you learnt my language or you tried with lots of them? :)


Haha maybe just a little :)

On the serious note, I got into learning of Slavic languages some time ago. I was studying each one for about a year, dividing them in groups. The ones I really got into were Czech and your language. Slovenian seemed like the hardest of them all, and I probably understand the least out of it. But to be fair I also spent the least amount of time on it as well.


Hey! I began the Ukrainian course just after its release. So minus a one month gap of internet while traveling, I have been studying for five months.

I think the goal from the beginning was to balance plowing through the course quickly with practice and review. Overall, I feel pretty good when it comes to the material. Well, at least good enough that I know I'm capable of learning the more difficult, in-depth material.

It's an awesome language. For sure. And definitely keep up with it - I still struggle with occasional spelling errors, but I find that after having made the mistake a few times, I begin remembering the correct version. You'll get it for sure.


Since lots of Ukrainians speak Russian as well, and the two are somehow similar, Ukrainian is a good background to Russian. But as itself it's still very useful: it's got just little less speakers than Italian. Man, it's about 60 millions.


By the way, I spent a little time in the Dalmatian region of Croatia and loved it. I am sure that is generally what everyone says to you, but I really enjoyed my time there.

You should create a Croatian duolingo tree... you would have some fans.


Oh I am a Dalmatian :) When it appears in the incubator, then I will surely contribute!


Awesome! I look forward to that day. And of course the day I get to stroll around in Croatia again.


Вітаю! Not an easy achievement! :)

I would be willing to start a small group with 3-4 learners (or whatever number skype allows for videoconference) preferably with learners from North America (mainly for time difference issues, im in your time zone btw). If this is something you would be interested in we could switch this conversation outside duo ton swap contact info.


Чудово! Добре! I just got back in town today, so I will hit up your profile so we can swap contact info. Creating a page would be awesome - especially if we can get a few people to round out the conversation.


Вітаю! Congratulations! I'm jealous! Online conversations are very nice idea, but I need to finish my tree first ;)


Well then finish that tree, Anna. ;-)


Вітаю! I just finished my Ukrainian tree a few days ago and I think it would be cool to talk to each other but I cannot use Skype, FaceTime, anything involving voice or face. I can only use typing. (I'm 13 btw)


Прівіт! Чудово! Just use Duolingo to communicate. Let me know and we can practice.


Congratulations! :)

If you can't find someone here i can advise you livemocha.com. I already found there a few people for conversation. But when I started it i understood that I still need more and more read and listen to english and even more speak english :)

So, more easily for me is write in english, when I have time and possibility compose a sentence and translate unknown words, but it is not my wish. My goal is fluently understand and not bad speak english. Therefore, I also looking for people with whom I may to converse in english.

So, I am here. :)))


Добрий вечір (в україні)!

Я відпровив вам повідомлення. Я думаю, що скайп буде працювати добре. Я буду знайти вас сьогодні чи завтра. Дякую!


Very good. I think, that a conversation via typing is more soft start for beginning. I am going to wait. :)


Just to be sure you got my last message, I've answered you here. Thank you!


I study English. Ukrainian - my native language. Can I help you?

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