"The chef in the restaurant has questions."

Translation:Der Koch im Restaurant hat Fragen.

January 4, 2013

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Shouldn't be "Der Koch hat Fragen im Restaurant" because sentence structure should list the time (not applicable here), manner (Fragen), and then place (im Restaurant)? Also shouldn't the verb go second?


No, your sentence would mean that the cook has left questions (maybe on cardboard) in the restaurant while the original sentence means that the cook who is in the restaurant has a few questions. The subject of the sentence is 'Der Koch im Restaurant', so the verb does in fact come second.


I thought i just saw a question in which it said it was "befragen", why is it "fragen" now?


The verb 'to question sb.' translates to 'jmd. befragen'. However, here we have the noun 'questions' which translates to 'Fragen'.

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