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Why can't every day be like Tuesday?

I tripped over the spelling of Dé Luain in a strengthening exercise, so I set myself some homework that I thought I'd share:

The Genitive forms of Luan, Satharn and Domhnach are different from their nominative forms, so we have ar an Luan, ar an Satharn and ar an Domhnach but Dé Luain, Dé Sathairn and, best of all, Dé Domhnaigh.

The Tuiseal Ginideach for Máirt, Céadaoin, Déardaoin and Aoine is the same as the nominative, so they should be much simpler, right?

We get ar an Máirt and Dé Máirt, ar an gCéadaoin and Dé Céadaoin, ar an Déardaoin and Déardaoin, and ar an Aoine and Dé hAoine.

So that's three with different nominatives/genitives, one that takes eclipsis after the definite article, one that doesn't take the prefix, because it's already there, and one that takes a h-prefix after .

Why can't every day be like Tuesday? :-)

October 1, 2015



Believe me, you'd miss the weekends.


Eh, I could live without 'em.


Thank you for having taken on the task so capably of finding and sharing with us some semblance of order in even a part of 'The Week in Ireland'! You got me looking in the online dictionaries.

I got off to an easy enough start with: (An) M(h)áirt: Inniu an Mháirt, today is Tuesday.
(An) C(h)éadaoin: Amárach an Chéadaoin, tomorrow is Wednesday.

When it came to Saturday my work was only just beginning though!
There is Satharn, and also (Dé) Sathairn, of course, but there are also appearances by: (maidin/oíche) Shathairn, and
(chun an) tSathairn.

Can anyone explain for me, though, why it becomes Shatharn, in the phrase in the NEID: "Faraor nach bhfuil sé ina Shatharn" ('Roll on Saturday') ?

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