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Suggestion: Translating to foreign language-training

Hello, I find that there should be more options for translating from your native language (or at least, the one you have mastered) to the one you're learning on this website. Translating to your own language can be fairly deductive, even if you do not know the words for sure. I find translating from your own language to be more challenging.

A training mode in which you only translate to the foreign language would be my suggestion.

January 4, 2013



I agree that this would be an excellent addition to the site! My suggestion is that this should be made available once a user has reached a certain tier in translating from the learned language to their own language. This would provide a fresh challenge and deepen the level of immersion for more advanced learners.


I apologize, but I just realized that Duolingo has made this possible by allowing you to change the direction of translation on the right hand side of the screen. I apologize for the misinformed comment.

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