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"Japonca öğretmenimi tanıyor musun?"

Translation:Do you know my Japanese teacher?

October 1, 2015


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So, am I correct that "öğretmenimi" is "öğretmen" + "Im" (1sg possessed) + "I" (to form a compound with "japonca")? Why isn't it "öğretmenisim"?


No, here's what happens there:

A Japanese teacher = Japonca Öğretmeni

When you're adding possessive to a word-compound (that normally already ends in a 3rd person possessive suffix), you have to erase the previous possessive.

So, if you want to say "my Japanese teacher", here's how you do it: Japonca öğretmeni -- Japonca öğretmen -- Japonca öğretmenim.

In the sentence "Japonca öğretmenimi tanıyor musun?", the extra "i" at the end of "öğretmenim-İ" is the accusative suffix, because that word is the direct object of the sentence.


Hello, why is 'my professor of Japanese' wrong? Is it because öğretmen means 'teacher'? Would my teacher of Japanese be correct? The teacher of Japanese is not necessarily Japanese, right? :)




Japonca profesörü mü tanıyor musun? Do you know my Japanese professor?

Thank you.

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