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"Kiam Adamo rakontis al Sofia pri la teruraj bestoj, ŝi timis."

Translation:When Adam told Sofia about the terrible animals, she was afraid.

October 1, 2015



It is so frustrating that random sentences do not accept "Sophia" in the English. The inconsistency is driving me mad, haha.


Her name is Sofia so it should be spelled that way in every language (at least the ones using the latin alphabet) English has the letter F and it has the same sound value as in Esperanto, so no need to change it anyways.


"Sophia" is a accepted in almost all other lessons, so either it should not be accepted there or accepted here, that is my main issue.

I don't want the official translation to change, but for one of the two things that I have described to occur in all lessons.


Well, I don't agree with it being accepted anywhere, but I do agree with you in that it should be consistent either way.


ĉu iu diris pedanteco? =)


I said "terrible beasts", because it seemed more appropriate, and it didn't accept it. Is there a word specifically for the sense of "beasts", in this context, or should I report it?


I think "beast" like a savage wild animal is "bestio" but I really don't know for sure


Here what Duo says what is correct:

"You used the wrong word. Wen Admo told Afia about the terrible animals, she feared."

I just made a mistake with "animal", instead "animals"


Again. Duo didn't accept my correct answer, but wrote that: "Wen Admo told Afia about the terrible animals, she feared." is correct. I reported it


Now: "Wen Admo told Afia about the terrible animals, she feared." is accepted.

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