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"Un maglione"

Translation:A sweater

January 4, 2013



what is the difference between un maglione = a sweater.... and .... una maglia = a sweater... (as shown a few screens back). ???


I did a quick google search and maglione definitely refers to a sweater for cold weather. And maglia it's more like a jersey or t-shirt. You get a bunch of soccer jerseys with maglia.


"one" added to a word means "big" eg Panettone literally big bread


The problem is comes from a Jersey meaning heavier and for colder weather to most English speakers outside North America.


Maglia is for T Shirt .. that's how we use in Libya


my comment was deleted for some reason, but 'jumper' is a perfectly fine translation of maglione. could you please add it?


Until learning Italian with all of the British students I had never heard a sweater referred to as a "jumper" I am Canadian. Our understanding here of a jumper is a sleeveless dress worn over a blouse typically as a schoolgirl uniform. Funny how we can both speak English but not exactly the same language. ;-)


Did you report it with the "report a problem' button?


I think so. I've reported so many of these minor issues I can't remember! There seems to be some sort of bias towards American English. hopefully they add they add a British English dictionary sooner or later!


It teaches American English, that's why there's the American flag.


Thanks, I didn't spot the flag! I just noticed now that they confirm the version of each language taught here https://www.duolingo.com/courses/all


It doesn't always have an American flag.... If I look at the accounts that the other members of my family have it just shows the flag of the language they're learning. However if I look at the people around me in my league it shows me both the flag they're learning and if they're not British it shows what language they're learning in.


I agree there is bias towards american english. As a brit is is most annoying.


why do they suggest the translation pullover but then do not accept it as an answer?


i recommend not to use the so-called "hints". They are often misleading. Better to use a dictionary, but even then you may not select the exact word that Duolingo wants.


Un sounds like 'ho' when played fast


you have to put it into context to see which one it should be....


Jumper and sweater are interchangeable in british english


Whoops I meant to say jersey and sweater are interchangeable in british english as well as jumper.


i'm also irritated by the number of times British words are not allowed but American ones are! A jumper=a jersey=a sweater=a pullover in English English and a cardigan is different, it splits up the front and has to be closed with buttons.


Jumper is allowed. American English also uses pullover and cardigan.


a jersey should also be allowed as a correct answer


I thought that the "e" at the end of maglione shows the word would be feminine, but instead it has the "un" in front of it, showing it's actually masculine. How come it isn't "una maglione" instead? Grazie!


Singular Italian words ending in E can be masculine or feminine. Their plurals end in I.


I'm not 100% sure, but this is what I have noticed from just searching each word in amazon italy..

maglione = Sweater/jumper (long sleeve, usually thicker). maglia = Shirt (any shirt, but usually a t-shirt). maglietta = Always a t-shirt.


Why is jersey wrong ?


It shouldn't be wrong, a jersey is correct too. However Duo mainly uses American English so you have to fake it at times.


"If you want, to destroy, il mio maglioneeeeee..."


Sure everyone knows its real translation is "gansey"!


I can't hear the speaker, sounds like she is mumbling. Is there a different speaker that we can use?


Sweater is masculine,but ends with "e",whyyyy?


A jersey is the same as a sweater.! Sweater is American and jersey is English


Surely jersey is also a good translation of maglione


Can you please follow me it's for an achievement.


Wait a minute! 2 screens back Duo rejected maglione as "sweater"!


Duo marked a jersey wrong


In New Zealand, neither "sweater" nor "jumper" are words. What is the actual non-area-specific translation of "maglione"? I have no idea what sweater or jumper mean other than that they are an item of clothing. Would "jersey" be a more accurate translation?


I also live in NZ; I'm English, so jumper, sweater and jersey are all OK for me, but I think you can say pullover too. My children were brought up in NZ and they all call it a jersey.


I've never heard pullover before. Is that American? I guess I will use jersey as the translation of maglione from now on.


I think it might be American, yes. in England people mainly say jumper.


It is a style of sweater. I am from the US and I have never heard it simply called a pullover. We would call it a pullover sweater to distinguish it from a cardigan which would also be a style of sweater but with buttons or open in the front. Hope that makes sense?


I know there's a bias but I just got this wrong for putting 'jumper'. Us Brits would always refer to your sweater as a jumper. Please could you amend?


This guy talks too fast.


why is maglia feminine and maglione masculine, if both end in a vowel?


Nearly every noun in the Italian language ends with a vowel. Maglione can be recognized as masculine because it ends in E, not A. (Just like cane, for example.)


'jersey' is a synonym for 'sweater' and should be accepted.


In Libya we use Maglia for t-shirt


A jersey is more commonly used in British English not sweater for example in cycling they talk about the pink jersey

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