Translation:Twenty-one students and twenty-two students

3 years ago


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I wonder if 43 students would be a correct answer too... haha

3 years ago

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Is anyone else having difficulty getting the application to recognize the number двдцять or дванадцять when repeating the prompt via the microphone? When I was having a recognition problem with дванадцять, I thought it was a glitch or spoke too quickly. However, now with двдцять, the same problem occurs. It simply does not recognize двдцять or дванадцять when I say it no matter how slowly or how carefully I pronounce the numbers. Granted I do not speak Ukrainian but I am familiar enough with the sound of language, having grown up in a Ukrainian household. Is this a glitch, a hardware and/or setting problem or something else? Any assistance from the Ukie Forum would greatly be appreciated.

2 years ago
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