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"Двадцять один студент і двадцять два студенти"

Translation:Twenty-one students and twenty-two students

October 2, 2015



I wonder if 43 students would be a correct answer too... haha

October 2, 2015


Is anyone else having difficulty getting the application to recognize the number двдцять or дванадцять when repeating the prompt via the microphone? When I was having a recognition problem with дванадцять, I thought it was a glitch or spoke too quickly. However, now with двдцять, the same problem occurs. It simply does not recognize двдцять or дванадцять when I say it no matter how slowly or how carefully I pronounce the numbers. Granted I do not speak Ukrainian but I am familiar enough with the sound of language, having grown up in a Ukrainian household. Is this a glitch, a hardware and/or setting problem or something else? Any assistance from the Ukie Forum would greatly be appreciated.

April 28, 2016


The same thing happens to me, also with other numbers.

April 8, 2019


I have been having the Sanger issue with all of the numbers ending in дцять ...it absolutely will not accept no matter how i say it. I can hear her say it and have heard real ukranians say it so i am familiar with pronunciation but it will not accept. I have flagged but still the same

April 19, 2019


Same* not Sanger

April 19, 2019
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