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  5. "Do you like sport?"

"Do you like sport?"

Translation:Ви любите спорт?

October 2, 2015



You wouldn't ask this in English. It'd only be "Do you like sports?" or "I like sports", not sport. Sport is wrong.


It's not wrong. Well, in American English it is, BUT in British English the word "sport" can be a mass noun. So (singular): "Football is a sport", (plural): "Football and basketball are sports", and (mass noun): "I like sport", "I was never good at sport", "I like watching sport on the telly", "Sport is not my thing".


Agree, needs to be changed


Yes you are 100% right, I think it's a Ukrainian speaker mistake, the word спорт for us exists only in this one form, it can mean both "sport" and "sports".

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