"Klassen skal studere skandinavisk historie kommende uke."

Translation:The class will study Scandinavian history the coming week.

October 2, 2015

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*that one edgy teacher that everyone loves casually puts on the entire first series of Vikings and sits back eating some brunost


Can I use 'neste' instead of 'kommende' in this sentence?


Yes. It's horribly ambiguous though. Everyone will insist it's not...

"Neste søndag" (next Sunday), today it's Friday, for me it's obvious I mean Sunday in 9 days. Other people might feel it's natural that I'm talking about the first Sunday coming along. If I say next Thursday (neste torsdag) since it's almost a week to the first Thursday, I think of this as the next one. Other might not. So you end up saying "not the first Thursday but the next" (Ikke førstkommende torsdag, men den neste) to be absolutely sure everyone is on the same date.


The struggle is real...


The international dilemma is real!


I wish! It is hard to find a lot of easily accessible material about Scandinavia.

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