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Tracking what students are typing on the Forums

I tell all my students that they are able to type on the forums etc. if they use only Spanish. Most of the time i can click on activity and see what the majority of them are saying. Unfortunately, it does not show everything that students are typing to each other. Is there already a way to do this? I have about 160+ students and I need to be able to see what all of them are typing on the forums.

October 2, 2015


[deactivated user]

    The only way to do it right now is through the Activity Stream.


    If you click on the Activity tab on the above menu you should be able to see the activity of anyone you are following. It would be much more efficient than going to each individual profile page/activity stream.


    unfortunately it does not show the activity of everyone though somehow it filters out some things. I have say 30 people in a classroom all gaining levels and earning experience and also posting comments all at the same time. And not everything shows up on the activity stream. I have tested it, I will see a student in the classroom post a comment to another student, then I click on activity refresh the page and the post does not appear.

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