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Options on "Report Problem"-Button too limited

I just had a multiple choice translation (from French) where one of the English suggestions was "She goes an apple." - I would have thought that the suggestions should at least be proper English, so I wanted to report that. Unfortunately, the Report button only lets me check whether the original (French) sentence has a problem. Could this be changed so that errors in suggestions can be reported?

Cheers Hans

January 4, 2013



Yes, we will fix this very soon. Thanks!


Thanks for the quick response! And thanks for all your great work here - it's really a pleasure to use DuoLingo.

Cheers Hans


I have not found the "Report Problem" button yet. In Italian Lesson 6 images of backpacks(zaino/i) are labeled "borsa", ie purse or handbag.


Hi guys, just another English grammar error. In the french subjunctives section the 'correct' English translation is 'It for her to enter the restrooms'. Not sure how a native English speaker could guess this? Can forward a screenshot from the ipad screen if needed. Thanks.

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