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Multiple Teachers feature now available!

As you may know, Duolingo for Schools only allowed one teacher to follow a particular student. This meant that, if a parent also wanted to follow their child’s progress, or if a different teacher wanted to use Duolingo with that student, they were unable to do so. :(

Great news! We are now releasing an update that will allow students to be tracked by more than one teacher. If you are a student, you can still keep track of who is following your learning progress by going your Progress sharing settings.

multiple teachers-step by step images I
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So now, as a student, you can enter a teacher’s or parent’s email address and join one of their existing classrooms (from the same settings page). If the email you enter is already associated with a teacher account, Duolingo will automatically offer a list of that teacher’s classrooms for students to choose from. This avoids typos and makes everything super easy!

multiple teachers-step by step images II
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If a student wants to send updates of their progress to a parent who does not have a Duolingo account, they can enter their email anyway. Parents or private teachers (for example) can still receive updates of student progress via email. Remember these settings are done from the student account. We hope this makes things easier for teachers who want to “share” a student or learners who want to start a friendly family competition.

Please note that for now, these settings cannot be edited through the mobile apps.

Happy sharing, and happy teaching!

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October 2, 2015



Can there be multiple teachers of a single classroom?

[deactivated user]

    Just when I thought you had outdone yourselves, you do it again! A big congrats to the Duolingo for Schools team, and thank you!

    One question: Will Duo for Schools ever be its own app?


    I hope so! I believe it is too soon to know, and I think it is preferable to have more features and tweaks on the web version before we discuss making it available on other platforms. What is your opinion? :]

    [deactivated user]

      I agree with you. A great feature would be the ability to assign lessons directly from the site.


      Hİ, How to make friends


      How are privacy settings handled if a student has more then one teacher and their settings are different?


      The strictest settings should then win.


      Merci - Merci!!! This is going to be very helpful for parents, a teacher (and possibly a tutor) to keep track of a single student in a productive, non - confusing and non - restrictive way. Thanks so much! I had hoped the Duolingo Team would find a way to make this work and you did it!! A million thank yous from a very happy and extremely satisfied user, parent and teacher!!!


      I wish Duolingo was offered when I needed to take Spanish in school. I probably would've paid more attention.


      :( Well, you're lucky to have it now!


      Yeah, but I'm too old now. xD


      Hello , i have a question and i dont know where i can ask thats whay i am ask this question there, how can i accept i classroom , not creat , but accept?


      Hi! You can always create a new post if you have a question, but it works to do it here as well. :] You can join a classroom by asking your teacher for the "invite students" link. When you click on the link (while logged in), a pop-up will ask you if you want to allow your teacher to track you. Accept and you should be good to go!

      If they don't know how to generate a link, tell them to take a look at this link.


      HELP Please. I created my classroom account under my personal account which is a student of the language I want to learn. How can I change my "Teacher Classroom" to use my teacher email address? I don't want my students emails going to my personal email address but my teacher email address. If I change the email address under my personal account, it simply changes my personal email. Also, I don't want to delete the classroom because it may lock up the classroom name. Any suggestions?


      Many of my students forget their passwords. As in other programs, I would like to have my students' passwords list to help them right at that moment. In Quia for example I have a passwords list by class. Thank you


      Hi! Have they tried selecting "Forgot Password" when logging in? We then email instructions to reset their passwords. :]

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