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Spaced repetition

Is Duolingo using some kind of spaced repetition algorithm? ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaced_repetition )

Sometimes it doesn't feel like it when I get asked again and again easy words that I never fail, but almost never get asked those really hard to remember words.

February 6, 2012



I'm still having the same issues as described in my original post.

There are these few sentences I get constantly wrong yet Duolingo asks them very rarely. And then there are a couple of sentences that I'm asked almost daily and never answer wrong. I love Duolingo a lot but the spaced repetition implementation might need some improvement. Or maybe it's just an issue with my account?

For contrast I use Anki regularly and it's algorithm works flawlessly: failed sentences are repeated more often.



This bug hasn't been fixed yet!!! Why not use a simple algorithm such as Anki's? That one you guys are using is terrible.


I'm curious about this one, too. I worked with creating spaced repetition algorithms based on a logarithmic distribution of real-number Leitner boxes, and I'm curious what they use here.


Yes, Duolingo does use a spaced repetition system for the daily practice.


What spaced repetition system do you use? I've used Supermemo and Mnemosyne for many years. I am new to Duolingo (I now learn French). Duolingo looks very promising. I will combine it with Mnemosyne to get the best of both.

HenrikMG (Oslo)

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