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  5. "Güney Fransa."

"Güney Fransa."

Translation:South France.

October 3, 2015


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'south of france' was marked correct. Is it actually correct? Spain is south of France. 'The' south of France on the other hand is 'south France', the southern part of the country (le midi).


I agree with you 100% and got rid of that alternative. "The South of France" is accepted but now "South of France" is not :)


South France doesn't sound natural at all and I don't think you'd find many people use it here in the UK. It's either Southern France or (The) South of France. It's a little different to "The Gambia" which is an official name. Just out of curiosity AlexinNotTurkey, is English your mother tongue?


I disagree. I'm from the UK and I would use it without the 'the', although I agree it's more common with it. But it would be completely acceptable to answer the question 'where are you going on holiday' with 'South of France'. The 'the' would only be necessary if you made it a full sentence e.g. 'I'm going to the South of France'. But Güney Fransa is not a sentence, so 'South of France' is fine. Also, South France is just plain wrong and should definitely not be the suggested translation. It's like saying 'United States America'.


"South France is just plain wrong": to these ears (from the USA), ditto.

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Merci beaucoup! :-)

(On a side note: there seems to be something wrong with the forum on Duolingo. I got an email about another reply by Ektoraskan, but it doesn't show here. The reply was: "No, that would be: Fransa'nın güneyi. İspanya Fransa'nın güneyinde.")


After reading Alex's reply, I realised I'd misunderstood your question. So I deleted my reply.

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Right, I see. However, I was actually asking myself how to say 'Spain is to the south of France' when I processed the sentence, so your reply came at the right moment.


I would disagree with that 100%.. If you say "I'm staying in the South of France" that means le midi...I would say that more than "South France". Marseille is located in the South of France.

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Yes, the South of France, where the word south is used as a location, a place, would equal South France.
But if you'd use 'South of France', without the the, that would be the region below France on a map.
My remark was that "the South of France" does not equal "South of France". The Turkish sentence must be translated as the former, 'Le Midi', or South France.


using "southern France" makes everything easier..


Why do I hear an l at the end of the word "guney".. Or is it just me?


To me, it seems that the use of North, South, East and West indicates a SEPARATE entity: North Korea, South Sudan, East Timor, West Germany.

For areas WITHIN a country or state, we tend to use Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western: Northern California, Southern Italy, Eastern Canada, Western France.

That's why no native speaker in this thread has said that "South France" sounds correct.

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