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"Hvor mange fly har flyplasser?"

Translation:How many airplanes do airports have?

October 3, 2015



A bit confused with the construction of this one. From the construction: "Hvor mange x har y?" I would deduct that the "x" is the owner of "y". For example: How many people have blue eyes? The translation of this sentence is the opposite though (y being the "owner" of x).


I think it's because it can be interpreted in two ways depending on what answer you want. Most of the time this relationship between x and y is obvious. Airplanes don't own airports. If you want to know how many people who's got blue eyes you'd ask "Hvor mange folk har blå øyne? Mange", if you want to know how many blue eyes people got you'd ask "Hvor mange blå øyne har folk? Mellom null og to".

"Hvor mange flyplasser har fly?" All of them, of course.


Airports do not own planes either, so this still leaves me confused.


I didn't mean 'own' in the literal sense, but the airport contains and keeps the planes. A plane doesn't contain or keep an airport in any way.


I thought "airport" was "ei/en lufthavn"?


"Lufthavn" is mostly used in the official name of airports, and in documents referring to those.

As a general noun, "flyplass" is much more common.

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