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Accounts for my class

I want to set up accounts for the children in my class...is there any way to do this in bulk? Is there any way to do this so that they are all registered to my school email address?

A separate note...I have a child in my class who is learning English as an additional language. However, I am in England, but the only English language option there is, is American. Any chance there is a British English version? I don't want to confuse her!


October 3, 2015

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Hi there! Signing up students in bulk is currently not an option, but we are working hard on making this a lot easier!

There is no British English version of Duolingo, but I would encourage your student to try it out anyway. Duolingo accepts British spelling and is aware of other subtle differences like "maths" vs "math", so students should never lose points for using British English. Let us know how it goes! :)

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