"Minha resposta é uma pergunta."

Translation:My answer is a question.

November 8, 2013



Este é Jeopardy

June 4, 2014


I'll take "Things a clinical psychologist might say" for $200.

November 10, 2015


Is this a literal translation of something more commonly used or a nonsense phrase?

November 8, 2013


A random sentence.

November 8, 2013


Well, when you ask someone: "what's your name" and the other person says: "who's asking?" The other person is also asking your name with their answer.

January 25, 2015


It may also answer asking: «You're talking to me?» or «What do you mean by that?» or «How do you know I have a name?» or «Mary what's my name?» or «Who you?» think about...

June 29, 2016


when you answer a question with a question.

August 26, 2014


Yes, it would be used sometime. Maybe when philosophers would talking.

July 7, 2014


I think it makes sense. I'm answering with a question. Random Example: "How much money is that?" "How much can you afford?"

This isn't a very good example, but it's just to help you get the idea.

June 24, 2014


I was just wondering, how do you know if the person is saying "My answer AND a question" or "My answer IS a question" . It's a bit tricky with those sentences.

November 21, 2014


«É» is an open "e," kinda like in "bed" (in the International Phonetic Alphabet, it would be [ɛ]); «e» is a closed "e," almost like the "i" in "did" (in IPA, it would be [e]; this sound does not exist on its own in English). Hope this helps. The audio on these lessons is not the best.

December 19, 2014


I know I just posted the same thing. if you listen to the slow translation is sounds like "and" but if you listen to the fast one it sounds like "is"! The two audios sound different. Its a bit crazy! :)

December 16, 2014


yeah they need to remove nonsense phrase like this one

December 24, 2013


It's not nonsense. In fact, answering a question with a question is something that salespeople do all of the time.

February 4, 2014


are you a polyglot? your level 20 in three languages!

September 9, 2014


Actually, my Spanish and Portuguese is not all that fabulous, but I do work on them a lot. It takes a lot more than just working on Duolingo to be fluent. I do speak fluent French, though.

September 10, 2014


This is not the point, we're learning words and grammar, not sentences, it doesn't really matter whether or not we're going to use the exact sentence they show us if we learn to make our own

November 18, 2015
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