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  5. "Quiero que lo hagas."

"Quiero que lo hagas."

Translation:I want you to do it.

November 8, 2013



During the practice: Mine: I want that you do it - You used the wrong word. - I wish that you do it.

Here in the discussion: - "Quiero que lo hagas. " - Translation: I want you to do it.

So? :D


"I want you to do it" seems far more natural to me in English. Both "I want that you do it" and "I wish that you do it" both sound off to me but I'm not sure how to explain it yet.

You could say, "I wish that you would do it" in English, but it would probably have to be imperfect subjunctive in Spanish. "Quisiera que lo hiciera." or "Me gustarĂ­a que lo hiciera."

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I'm not so sure DL is translating it based on whether or not the English translation sounds natural. "Quiero que" seems to arbitrarily means either "I wish (that)" or "I want (that)". It's so frustrating.

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I had exactly the same experience. It's so * confusing.


"I want you to make it" should be accepted


I am trying to understand why "to make" is wrong. I found an example in a dictionary "Now I want you to make it with somebody.

Ahora quiero que lo hagas con alguien."

Can someone explain why this is wrong?


I want that you do it... what's wrong???


It's simply not the way it would be said in English.


I found this so indistinct despite altering volume and listening repeatedly. Voice drops at end of sentence.


How about "I like that you do it"?


"I want that you would do it." The Duolingo translation does not reflect that true subjunctive english translation. The subjunctive exists in English and this translation does not use it, when its a Spanish subjuntive sentence.


There is a big difference between "I want that you would do it" and "I want you to do it." The latter is a strong expression of a desire for a person to get with it and do something. The former is a weaker expression being presented largely as a declaration of a hope or wish more than anything.


How about "I like that you do it"?


How about "I like that you do it"?

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