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"He does not have a girlfriend."

Terjemahan:Dia tidak punya pacar.

October 4, 2015

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"Dia tidak punya pacar perempuan" should be correct, I think.


In english "he" and "she" are different but in Indonesian it same. "Dia". Even if is a girl or a man. The same with girlfriend and boyfriend this mean "pacar". So this don't need "perempuan" again.


It's because I've learnt on an another source, that "pacar perempuan" was a translation for girlfriend.


You are right. In english, they make a different by gender, boyfriend and girlfriend. But in Indonesia they are the same, pacar. The gender of xxxfriend depends on the subject/object.


Isn't seorang and seseorang has the same meaning?


Kalo gw kayak gitu gw mojok trs makan kacvang

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