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"Je kunt de bus of de trein nemen."

Translation:You can take the bus or the train.

October 4, 2015



Can somebody explain why is 'nemen' in the end? Thanks :)


The finite verb comes second, and all the other verbs are at the end of a sentence. (This works in a normal sentene; a main clause.)

  • Ik zal naar huis gaan.
  • Hij gaat zijn kamer opruimen.
  • We willen nu rijden.
  • Jullie kunnen een kopje koffie pakken.


Why does it correct my sentence from "You can take the bus or the train" to "You can take the train or the bus" when that's the incorrect order in the sentence?


You can take the bus or train, not accepted i get why but rarrghg


Surely it should accept "You can get the bus or the train?" Unfortunately the option to say my answer should be correct didn't come up.


You can catch the bus or the trains is not accepted. C'mon !!!

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