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  5. "Ressam bir sanatçıdır."

"Ressam bir sanatçıdır."

Translation:A painter is an artist.

October 4, 2015



How does sanatçı become sanatçıdır?


The suffix -dır can be used here because we're stating a fact. But it's completely fine to leave it off. :-)


Painter is an artist But it went wrong


could i have added "bir" at the beginning of the sentence, or would that be confusing? "bir ressam bir sanatçıdır"


When we use i and when use ı ?? What is difference between i and ı?


Why "Painter is an artist" is refused? In English you don't have to use "a" twice.


Each singular countable noun will need an article unless they are the same part of the sentence (ex. both the subject). So for example:

  • A painter, musician, and dancer walk into a bar. (...Ouch!)

In this example, painter is sharing its article ("a") with musician and dancer. But after the verb, bar will need it's own article because it's a separate part of speech.

It makes a difference because without it, an indefinite singular noun could appear to be a proper noun. So, your sentence "Painter is an artist." appears to be about an artist that is appropriately named Painter. :-)

Hope that helps :-)


this is also my question


My broblem between sanatçı and sanatçıdır how is used


I added one letter on the end.

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