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Display number of lessons completed?

Hello Duo and friends! Currently, the "Achievements" section on the "Your Profile" page displays "Streak", as well as "XP" and current "Level" by Language studied. Would it be possible to add a line that displays "Number of lessons completed"?

A second option for this: On the Home page, could you always display the number of lessons that make-up each Skill? Currently, the number of lessons shows only when the Skill has not been completed. For example, "Food 1/5". IOW, even after a Skill has been completed, the number of lessons inside that Skill would continue to be displayed. For example, "Basics2 4/4". Then a student could do some quick addition to determine the total number of lessons completed to-date.

Thanks for your ongoing strong support of Educators and their Students using and enjoying Duolingo.

October 4, 2015


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