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  5. "Ellos son hombres."

"Ellos son hombres."

Translation:They are men.

January 4, 2013

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I do not understand when to use son or somos.


"son" is "they are", whereas "somos" is "we are".


Or "Ustedes son" is plural version of "You are"


So what is the difference between using "ustedes" and "ellos"? Is ustedes just more formal, like in singular "usted" form? And "ellos" just used to be more specific in regard to gender?


They are totally different:

Ellos/Ellas = they

Ustedes = you guys


Isn't ustedes supposed to be formal? "you guys" doesn't sound formal at all..


Ustedes is only formal in Spain, where it is rarely used. In Latin America, where it's used heavily, it's not formal.


A lot of people in the US do not say "you guys" or "you all" which is only used as colloquialisms in some parts of the US. "You" is used for plural as well as singular. If we are with a group and we want to address one person, we name the person before we start. Otherwise, we are talking to the group. If we don't know the person's name, we would describe the person. "You with the red sweater, I'll take your question next." "You on the bicycle, be careful, you almost knocked me down."


What's the difference between ellas and ellos?


"Ellas" = "They" for a group of all females.

"Ellos" = "They" for a group of all males, or a mixed group of males and females.

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