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  5. "She is drinking tea instead."

"She is drinking tea instead."

Translation:Hun drikker te i stedet.

October 4, 2015



Difference between "istede" and "i stedet"?


'istede' isn't a word. Did you mean 'isteden'?


'sted/stad' used to be a masculine noun, but 'sted' has become neuter, while the form 'stad' is still masculine (as in 'en hovedstad'). There are still some phrases where 'sted' is used as a masculine noun, such as this.

The way a word is spelled is somewhat arbitrary, but since 'isteden' can't really be split into smaller words. This is because 'steden' isn't really a word anymore, so it's written without a space. But since 'i' and 'stedet' are words, you'd write 'i stedet' with a space. The meaning is the same.

You will still see people write 'istedet' even though this is technically not correct. It's kinda like writing 'alot' in English.


Great explanation! Thank you very much.


I could also be that you were old enough to remeber when it was technically correct to spell "istedet", "ifra", "igår", "imorgen", etc. ;)

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