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"February is a cold month in Kyiv."

Translation:Лютий - холодний місяць у Києві.

October 4, 2015



Would Лютий у Києві холодний місяць also be a valid translation in conversation (i.e. can the phrases be reversed)?


Yep, as a spoken phrase - definitely OK, just different intonations maybe. For literary writing I can't say, maybe not so good :D


I think what Radoslav meant 'can he use the word "зимний" (pertaining to February being a 'cold' month), and NOT a 'winter' month' [meaning February being 'a part' of the 'cold winter season' of which there is: грудень (December), січень (January) & лютий (February).]


Could I use "зимний" for cold?


First, in Ukrainian it's "зимовий" and no, it simply means "winter" (as an adjective): зимовий місяць (winter month), зимовий одяг (winter clothes) etc.

[deactivated user]

    «Зимно» actually means 'cold', cf. Sophia Rotaru's song «Одна калина» which has words «Зимно, зимно на душі». The dictionary doesn't even mark it dialectal: http://sum.in.ua/s/zymnyj

    I think it should be accepted in this sentence.


    Really? I would think it's just a poetic metaphor.. Like, maybe I could say "літньо на душі" to represent my emotion with the feeling of summer...

    [deactivated user]

      Actually, in my speech, «літній» can mean 'ледве теплий', especially in the combination «літня вода».

      This usage is seems much rarer than using «зимний» 'холодний', but here are some examples from Google:

      However, «зимний» 'холодний' is actually pronounced differently from «зимовий» 'winter' (or even «зимній»), but «літній» 'summer' and «літній» 'warm' is basically the same word.


      Wow, thanks! I didn't notice the difference of "зимний"/"зимно" and "зимній"/"зимовий" before!

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