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Only English for Spanish speakers?

Hi, I have my classroom set up for students learning English. The classroom seems to be set as default as 'English for Spanish speakers' and my students are Italian. Is it possible to set it for 'English for Italian speakers'? The idea of the classroom is great but as it is the content is not usable in Spanish.

October 5, 2015


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I think the first comment, made by an admin called Erdnuss, in this thread may help you: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10205800

That thread was made by a teacher teaching English for Arabic speakers who was having what sounds like the same issue. Erdnuss explains how their current system chooses which language pair it displays and proposes a couple of ways to change it to the correct one.



Rattl is correct. Please try changing your Duolingo to Italian, creating the classroom again, and then switching your Duolingo back to English. That way, the system will make the course from Italian. I hope this helps. :]


Thanks both, it seems to have changed just by changing my learning option to the same as the class.


Yes, my students are Thai, so the the English for Spanish speakers will be a bit weird. The link below doesn't work, unfortunately.

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