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  5. "Jeg kjenner ikke antallet."

"Jeg kjenner ikke antallet."

Translation:I do not know the number.

October 5, 2015



tall = the generic word for (cardinal) numbers
siffer = digit, not the kind you have on your hands
antall = number of something; quantity of countable noun
mengde = amount of something; quantity of uncountable noun, ++
nummer = used for a number in an order, and for identification numbers, phone numbers, etc.
ordenstall = ordinal number with ordinal ending

Context examples:

"Hva er yndlingstallet ditt?"
"Tallet hadde fem siffer."
"Et firesifret tall"
"Et stort antall studenter"
"Antallet må økes."
"Nedbørsmengden er stabil."
"Han er nummer fire."
"Husnummeret vårt er 86."
"Vi trenger ditt fødselsnummer."
"Hun kom på fjerdeplass."
"Fjerde er et ordenstall."


Tusen takk. Det hjelper egentlig.


Could you translate antaller as 'how many' or 'the quantity'?


when would you use å kjenne instead of å vite to mean "to know"?


I am not 100% certain, but I think of "å kjenne" as "to be familiar with", and that is why it applies to personal things like people. Whereas "å vite" is "to know (a fact)" and would apply to whether you knew a fact or not.

In this sense, perhaps the sense could be translated as "I am not familiar with the number.", or "I do not (personally) know that number.", perhaps in reference to an unknown telephone number.


What is the difference between antal and nummer? Is nummer only used in compound nouns (telefonnummer)?


'antal' = NaW (Not a Word)

'antall' = 'number (of)' (cardinal numbers)

'nummer' = 'number' (ordinal numbers)


The numbers mason, what do they mean?!


Could you say "I don't know how many"?


Only speaking as a fellow student, but that seems right. And then to match "mengde" you'd use "hvor mye".

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