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  5. "У вас є що-небудь з яйцем?"

"У вас є що-небудь з яйцем?"

Translation:Do you have anything with an egg?

October 5, 2015


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Can I say "something" instead of "anything"?


"Something" would be "щось" rather than "що-небудь", to be precise. Need to think whether it could be accepted as a "flexible translation"...


Of course, "eggs" is wrong, but that is the way we would ask this question in English.


I am really confused now with trying to say this phrase and recall how I say it in Ukrainian... "з яйцем" sounds a bit strange, but "з яйцями" sounds awkward because "eggs" in plural is often an awkward thing to say without a number more than three attached to it...

In any case even in English I wouldn't say "anything with egg(s)", I'd go like "anything with eggs IN IT" or "anything that comes with an egg at the side", uh...


Words! I think a lot of the sentences easily sound very unnatural, but they are "correct" though. Just very annoying that I can't write the singular when it "actually" is that. And if it sounds weird in Ukrainian, then I don't get why they made the phrase in first place :P But the English one would be "correct" (when I write something in quotation signs, there is a kind of "but weird" to it), since it is in singular (the Ukrainian version). That's what I'd think if I heard it.


EDIT: I find it more "correct" to write it in singular with "an" (or just in plural) than the translation.


And "an egg" is apparently also wrong.. I mean, Duolingo always wants us to do things "their way" :/

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