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"Мій дядько не їсть салат з морквою."

Translation:My uncle does not eat salad with carrots.

October 5, 2015


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Can anyone tell me why is wrong to use an article here? "My uncle doesn't eat a salad with carrots"


OK, now you punished me for using the plural, "eggs" in the last sentence, and now you are punishing me for translating this literally as "carrot." I realize we are in beta, but this is INCREDIBLY frustrating.


Duuude, look at this!!

It is actually "салат із морквою" (singular) which got translated as "salad with carrots" (plural)

And in the other one it's "salad with tomato" (singular) which got translated as "салат із помідором" while I'd prefer "салат із помідорами" (plural)

What the heck.

Take a lingot for your troubles. Моральна компенсація :)


Question: How would you say my uncle is not eating a salad with carrots? As in currently? Would you need to say 'now'?

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