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"Are you Chinese?"

Terjemahan:Apakah Anda orang Cina?

October 5, 2015

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Apakah kamu orang Tionghoa?


Apakah kau orang cina?


Wikipedia says: "Kata ini [Tonghua] dalam bahasa Indonesia sering dipakai untuk menggantikan kata "Cina" yang kini memiliki konotasi negatif"

Why a negative connotation?


"Cina" in Indonesia contains a racist meaning. This is related to our dark country history where at that time our country's ethnic turmoil was in "racial war". It used to be a form of insult. People will still think you're insulting someone, even if you don't mean it. Prefering the term "Tionghoa" for the ethnicity is very much better to mention the Chinese Indonesian. The fact is, media now must use the term "Tionghoa" to point out the Chinese instead of "Cina" to avoid offending someone.


Thank you! Duolingo should change this, because I'm learning "Cina" right now, and I'll get into troubles with this word later. Has to be reported.
Tiongkok is for Tionghoa people?


Tiongkok for country (China), Tionghoa for people (Chinese)


Mau jd ahli bahasa nt ya bro? Byk banget bahasa yg dipelajari nya

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