Two users

My daughter and I are both trying to use my iPad to work on duolingo - two separate passwords, usernames, and email addresses. We are having a lot of difficulty to switch between users. Any suggestions?

November 9, 2013


Great to hear you're both using Duolingo! :) You'll need to sign in and out like your probably have been to use two accounts on the same iPad. Is the difficulty that you have to switch between usernames/sign in multiple times?

I would not mind if it was simply signing out and signing back in. Every time we switch users on either the ipad or the iPod it requires us to reset our passwords before we can get back in. There are three of us wanting to use two devices - is there anything that we can do? Duo Lingo is great! But we do not use it as often because of this problem.

Dunno if you are still looking for answers.. to sign out, you need to go to clubs icon. In that page, the profile link is visible on top left. Not intuitive at all, I agree. Banged my head against the wall several days for this. Needs fic

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