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  5. "I do not speak Norwegian."

"I do not speak Norwegian."

Translation:Jeg snakker ikke norsk.

October 5, 2015



You could also say, "Jeg snakker litt norsk"! If you only know a little.


How do I know where to put "ikke" in a sentence?


Generally, "ikke" comes behind the verb it negates. " Jeg snakker ikke" = "I don't speak", "Han er ikke" = "He is not", etc. Unless it's negating the imperative, then it comes before the verb. "Ikke snakk!" = "Don't speak!"


Well, I do German and French, but it appears that its always after the verb it modifies.


where does the kan come from? i put in jeg ikke snakker norsk and it says its supposed to be jeg kan ikke norsk?


"Jeg kan ikke norsk" = "I do not know Norwegian" (meaning you do not speak/read/write Norwegian). In your sentence you put "ikke" in the wrong place. You have to write: "Jeg snakker ikke norsk" to get the correct word order.


Yeah sorry i was on my phone and put the wrong order in, but i was mostly just wondering why they didn't even put kan as an option in the translations and didn't teach it in any of the lessons so far....


I haven't looked at the Norwegian tree, just see the sentences in the discussion stream here. Even if the course seems great, there's sometimes some weird sentences or they will teach you only one meaning of a word. I am sure it is similar to the courses I completed (French and German), sometimes Duolingo wants a translation which is more word by word than what you would typically get from a native speaker of the language. With time you will get a feel for the language. Good luck and: Stå på, dette klarer du fint!


ahh yeah you're probably right, i'll figure it out eventually (or so i hope :P ) Tusen takk!


Haha, same!


I wish I could save one phrase to practice every time. This seems like an important one


Ja, jeg snakker norsk.

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