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When can we use the letter Ь?

Hello everyone, I would like to know when can we use the letter ь in writing like when we listen to someone says this for example російський word and we want to write how can we know that the letter ь is in this word? Thanks

October 5, 2015



You may read about soft sign (ь) and many other helpful things here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9012790


Thanks very much for that discussion. Here you are two lingots.


Ь is after soft consonats, like in your example, but sometimes it's really hard to hear so you need to memorise it if you can't hear it.


I am sorry for asking but, what are the soft consonats?


In Ukrainian, softened consonants get a small ʲ sound right after it:

  • You can find this sound in the English word "computer": there is a slight "y" sound between p and u. That would be represented in IPA as "pʲu".

  • So if you get, for example, зь, the pronunciation becomes " zʲ ", with a slight "y" sound after the z. (Like in azure)


Generally, In Ukrainian, I am sorry for question but, I am just a starter so can you tell me what are the consonants and the vowels, can you? :)


I think its the same mizail's discussion. And at all thanks for efforts. Here you are 2 lingots

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