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  5. "It is cheap."

"It is cheap."

Translation:Це дешево.

October 5, 2015



"Це дешево" is an accepted answer, but the hints for "cheap" say "дешево (adverb)". Is "дешево" really an adverb and is it used as an adjective here?


"Це дешево" is correct indeed, and "дешево" is indeed an adverb i.e. it modifies verbs (e.g. жити дешево, їсти дешево - to live cheap, to eat cheap), don't know why it hints that :) It should be used here since it modifies "коштує" even though you can skip the verb.

The adjectives would be дешевий/дешева/дешеве


"It costs cheap" doesn't sound quite right in English. Is this phrase common in Ukrainian speech?


No, usually we say "Це дешево" and the English translation that I see here now says "It is cheap".

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