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"Bir polis arabası yolun kenarında durdu."

Translation:A police car has stopped on the side of the road.

October 5, 2015



I translated this as, "A policeman stopped the car on the side of the road." I take it my translation is incorrect because car would need to be "arabayı," yes?

October 5, 2015


yes and the verb would be "durdurmak (used with an objective)" not "durmak (cannot be used with an object)".

Bir polis arabayı yolun kenarında durdurdu.

October 5, 2015


Ah, that's helpful. Thanks!

October 5, 2015


It would be helpful if traslations were also added to sentences with word choice

April 21, 2016


Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this. You could post int he general forum and ask about that :)

April 21, 2016


ok thanks.. :)

April 22, 2016


not sure why it is 'has stopped' rather than 'stopped'

October 28, 2018


I was marked wrong for just saying "stopped" but there's nothing to indicate that it isn't a simple past event.

November 21, 2018


In British English you would say 'by' or 'at', you would not say 'on'ç

November 3, 2018


So yolun means road?

August 21, 2016


"Yol" means "road" all by itself :-) the -un ending tells us that "road" is being attached to the postposition "kenar(ı) as the first part of a possessive phrase. So yolun doesn't mean "road" per se, but "of the road" or "road's". Ça va?

April 7, 2018


The road (yol) owns or posesses its side (yolun kenar(ı) and the police xar is located in this area (yolun kenarı(n)da)...doğru?

January 17, 2019


I wrote "by the road" and it corrected me for "along the road". Actually how can something stop ALONG something? Doesn't "along" mean movement?

August 13, 2018
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