Immersion Sentence Shuffler?

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So with the recent addition of the "Translator Tier," I got interested in using the immersion mode. So far I'm liking it. However, I love to use practice mode and I was thinking, what if you threw in sentences from random articles as well? Or perhaps make a whole new "Sentence Shuffler Mode."

It could include a link to the full article if the user finds the topic interesting or if further context is needed for translating. It would function just as immersion does now except you would only see one sentence at a time. You would enter your response and submit for review by the community.

Or if it were a "right or wrong" test maybe use sentences that have already been translated many times by the community. Maybe this could be tied in with the incubator as well.

4 years ago


I definitely like this idea! Another way to add on to our practice.

4 years ago
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Not a bad idea, and I suggested it once. But there is one flaw in my thinking and in yours, sometimes the original documents contain mistakes, practice is supposed to reinforce what you know. Since you read those sentences and expect them to be correct if you learn those mistakes it may have the opposite result.

In my opinion this would work if there were more public domain books, and duolingo only picked sentences from them. These books have been reviewed by expert writers and editors, and in some cases have many editions which correct mistakes, so they offer a better source for messages that could be used for practice. In addition many of these books already have translations. The only problem there is that sometimes these books contain complex phrases and idioms.

4 years ago
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