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  5. "Я передзвоню вам."

"Я передзвоню вам."

Translation:I will call you back.

October 5, 2015



I'm not sure but this is the other way to make a future tense. It is made with infinitive + normal ending, right?


This is a different aspect of the verb - finished or unfinished, roughly speaking (i think the official name is "imperfective" and "perfective")

Я буду передзвонювати вам is roughly similar to "I will be calling you back"; indicates that the action will happen, but no info about whether it will finish or not.

Я передзвоню вам is more similar to I will call you back; indicates that the action will happen and will be completed.

The same in past tense: Я передзвонювала вам, я передзвонила вам.

Infinitive: передзвонювати, передзвонити.


Aaah, I get it. I said this because I thought I had seen this in earlier lessons. Thanks a lot for the explanation :)


Why do you Ukrainians have such long words!?


Should be pronounced передзвонЮ, not пЕредзвоню

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