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English for English speakers

So my husband works as an IT for a school and he suggested to use Duolingo to teach kids English (to English speakers) but we discovered that there is no such a thing. Do you think that they might have something like that in the future? It would be really helpful for special needs kids.

Learning your own language should be fun as well as learning Spanish!! :)

October 5, 2015



I'm looking for something similar...I have ESL students who know "just enough" English but want to improve. Their 1st language isn't available on Duolingo (Haitian Creole, Gujarati, and Bengali) but they want to participate!


Yeah, as a former esl student I can see it could work for that too.


This is a cool idea, and I'd like to suggest a further application. (Perhaps someone has suggested this already - I haven't seen it though)

As a tutor in English (Lit) in university, one of my main concerns is making sure that students develop a decent style - a 'feel' for writing English. In spite of having 'learnt' grammar at school, often their ability to formulate a simple S-V-O sentence is shocking, especially when they try to add in additional clauses: they never really practised the grammar rules which they had to learn.

The main offences are comma splicing, hanging quotations, and an inability to use punctuation marks other than the full stop (period, as the Americans call it) and comma. In addition, their diction is often very confused; colloquial phrases combined with highfalutin' 'big words' and jargon.

A course in "Formal / Academic English for English Speakers" would then introduce students to using grammatically correct, well-punctuated English - helping them distinguish between appropriate registers depending on the genre and context of writing.

This would be particularly useful for non-mother tongue English speakers who want to study at a university which uses English as the medium of instruction. Also for mother tongue speakers who weren't socialised into a reading culture (thereby picking up good style from exposure to books) and struggle to write well.

I would be more than willing to help 'incubate' a course like this!


You are so right about everything! I would have to agree that ESL students might want to use it too, I have been in the USA for 15 years and I think I am always going to be learning English. I even like to play mindsnack SAT vocabulary as a way to keep improving my English, and I am a nerd as well. But I could totally see people who want to improve their English too. However after reading your comment, I thought that maybe this is the reason why duolingo is just basic level. It might be harder to develop something like this for any language, harder but not impossible. I hope they make "duolingo advance", they can always start with 4 languages first like English, Spanish, French and German. Hoping, hoping, hoping. :)


So you mean something like English Lit/Comprehension?


I would support you!


This is amazing. I was looking to use this myself to improve my English. I am sort of surprised this is not already available in each of the languages offered. Though I suppose the site name might point in the other direction. hee.


Exactly what i need , i support it .. <3


I think this is an amazing idea!


Please do it :)


Three years later, does not look like it is an option. I plan on finishing the German and then try I speak German and try and do the English course.


Honestly, this is a wonderful idea.


It should be easy for this site to do this while all the material is already uploaded.


Would love that too. I'm not native English speaker, but i know English and would love to use Duolingo to improve my English.

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